An Australian husband and wife team have helped to create and launch a unique new product to give mobile phone owners the chance to personalise a cover for their mobile phone - with absolutely any design of their choice.

The new product is called Fotofone.

Creator John Wilson – who with wife Vuthea created the entire concept - says the whole idea of Fotofone is to give people or businesses the opportunity to create their very own personalised phone cover to protect their mobile phone at a reasonable price. He says mobile phones have now become a key part of life for millions of Aussies.

There has already been a strong response to Fotofone from grandmothers who are putting images of their grandchildren on the back of their phone covers, parents who are snapping up the covers to put images of their kids on and teenagers who are creating their own unique designs as well as putting best mates on the covers.

Numerous businesses are also putting company logos and designs on phone covers for their staff. It takes literally just 2 minutes to create a Fotofone cover.

Unlike anything else on the market it is not a sticker put on the phone but is - in fact - a full colour printed hard plastic cover with the personalised design on the phone cover.

Most models of mobile phones are covered. It costs just $29.95 to create a personalised Fotofone cover which is then delivered to your door. Anyone wanting to know more or purchase a Fotofone cover should just go to www.fotofone.com.au.

Creator John Wilson said “The beauty of these covers is that you can easily protect your phone with a hard plastic cover instead of a boring plain colour. It can have either your own design on it or a photo of a great moment in your life. It’s a wonderful way of carrying that special person around in your pocket. It’s a way of sharing that special moment.”

“It was a very simple idea. We think it’s very effective. Customers have clearly been thrilled. Grandparents want to show off their grandchildren. Teenagers love the fact that you can create your own unique design through the website or put a friend on. Car lovers are even putting cars on the back of their mobile phone covers!”

“The sky is the limit because if you’ve got the photo, we can put it on a mobile phone cover. The process is very easy. All you do is go to the website, upload the photo that you want on your phone cover. We do the rest. Through the website at www.fotofone.com.au you can also buy a gift card to give to a friend or family member. It makes a terrific present.”

The phone covers can last up to 12 months. Customers receive a front and back cover to protect their mobile phone (except in the case of the iphone where it is just the back cover). John Wilson says that he is not aware of any similar product in Australia. He intends to market the concept overseas.

John Wilson added “We can put anything you want on a phone. Your dog, cat, favourite pet, favourite pop star, favourite sports icon… anybody. In around 120 seconds we can create a cover. It’s all very easy and simple.”


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